My Basket

Our PREMIUM QUALITY smart cake scrapers are made from top acrylic material designed to smooth, mask or ganache your cake for a perfectly even surface and sharp edges. Suitable for professional and home use. EU Food Grade APPROVED.

Available Color: Blue

  • PRECISION – All our scrapers are laser cut to ensure finest precision. We opted for a plain design and without a bevel to maintain thickness and avoid risk of scuffing/chipping on the edges. All sides can be used.
  • DURABILITY – Made from 3mm thick durable acrylic scraper that is sure not to tilt or bend. This will make all your cakes are consistent and straight but not as heavy as the metal ones.
  • SAFETY – Designed with “SAFE CORNERS”. All sides are polished and 2 corners are chamfered to soften all pointy corners.
  • QUALITY – Proudly made in the UK for guaranteed premium quality. Engraved with our logo to make sure you are buying the original product.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Works perfectly with icings, frostings, buttercream, royal icing, ganache, etc. Can also be used to even out any medium when stencilling, cutting doughs and more.
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