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Chicken Leg Quarter (1kg) - Wholemart

Chicken Leg Quarter (1kg)

Chicken leg quarter in 1kg packs
Chicken Leg Quarters (15kgs per case) - Wholemart

Chicken Leg Quarters (15kgs per case)

Chicken leg quarter in 15kg packs / Approximately 40pcs per case, depending on size and weight
Chicken Leg Fillets, Skin On (2kg) - Wholemart

Chicken Leg Fillets, Skin On (2kg)

 Boneless, skin-on chicken leg fillets in 2kg packs
Chicken Breast Fillet Skinless (2kg) - Wholemart

Chicken Breast Fillet Skinless (2kg)

Boneless, skinless chicken breast fillets in 2kg packs
Fisherfarms Pure Bangus Belly (350g) - Wholemart

Fisherfarms Pure Bangus Belly (350g)

EXPIRY: JUNE 11, 2024 Deboned premium cut Bangus (Milkfish) without any seasoning. Each pack contains 2 pieces. 
Fisherfarms Bangus Premium Sinigang Cut (350g) - Wholemart

Fisherfarms Bangus Premium Sinigang Cut (350g)

EXPIRY: JUNE 25, 2024 Bangus (Chanos chanos) is the national fish of the Philippines, called milkfish in English. Seen as an adaptable, tough, and sturdy fish, the bangus also swims...
Wholemart Ground Beef (1kg) - Wholemart

Wholemart Ground Beef (1kg)

Ground beef is popular as a relatively cheap and quick-cooking form of beef. Some of its best-known uses are in hamburgers, sausages, and cottage pies.
Fisherfarms Smoked Deboned Bangus (400g) - Wholemart

Fisherfarms Smoked Deboned Bangus (400g)

Smoked using imported beechwood chips for robust smoky flavor and a clean, safe product.  Serve Fisherfarms Smoked Deboned Milkfish with rice or flake it over pasta for a succulent, smoky treat. Best...
Fisherfarms Marinated Deboned Bangus (400g) - Wholemart

Fisherfarms Marinated Deboned Bangus (400g)

Classic Filipino “daing na bangus” seasoned using garlic-pepper-vinegar marinade. Best Served with rice! 1 piece per pack.