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Herring in French Onion Marinade (240g) - Wholemart

Herring in French Onion Marinade (240g)

Expiry: May 1, 2023 Pieces of skinless herring, fished in clear water, preserved in vinegar and placed in a sauce with French red wine vinegar that, together with crunchy purple...
Herring in Mustard Sauce (230g) - Wholemart

Herring in Mustard Sauce (230g)

Expiry: April 30, 2023 Herring in mustard sauce is a classic dish for any Swedish smörgåsbord. You can also enjoy it as a meal in itself, with some boiled potatoes...
Herring in Onion Marinade (240g) - Wholemart

Herring in Onion Marinade (240g)

Herring is a classic ingredient of the Scandinavian cuisine. Abba Seafood has produced appetizing marinades since 1838 using herring from cold and clean waters. Herring is a genuine and wholesome...
Herring in Sour Cream with Roe (220g) - Wholemart

Herring in Sour Cream with Roe (220g)

EXPIRY: FEBRUARY 27, 2023 Traditional sweet pickled herring, in a creamy marinade with roe and chives. Delicious on rye bread or served simply with boiled potatoes.  
Herring in Traditional Marinade (240g) - Wholemart

Herring in Traditional Marinade (240g)

Expiry: June 27, 2023 Since 1838, Abba has been providing great tasting and high-quality seafood in distinct and unique flavors. Herring in Traditional Marinade is a genuine and wholesome delicacy...